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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Famous Volcanoes in Hawaii

People all around the world visit Hawaii mainly for its hot spot volcanoes. 

An example volcano is Mauna Loa, this volcano is a Shield Volcano and is the biggest volcano in the world. Mauna Loa also means "Long Mountain" in Hawaiian for its great length. The volcano is really big and stretches 17km above its base. The volcano erupted 33 times and the most recent eruption took place on March 24- April 15, 1984. It also one of the most active volcanoes in the world and takes up majority of the Hawaiian Islands.

Map of outline of Mauna Loa Volcano
Map of the Island of Hawaii
19.475 N 155.608 W
Elev. Above Sea Level4,170 m
13,680 ft
Area5,271 km2
2,035 mi2
(50.5% of Hawai`i)
Volume80,000 km3
19,000 mi3

   Real Picture of Mauna Loa

Kilauea sits on the southeastern most part of the Big Island in Hawaii. This volcano is also a shield volcano like the Mauna Loa, but is not as large. Kilauea means spewing or much spreading in Hawaiian. The volcano has been having continuos eruptions since January 3, 1983, meaning it is still erupting to this day, and has had 61 eruptions recorded so far. This volcano might as well be the most active in the world. Hawaiians also believe the Hawaiian godess Pele lives in the Kilauea volcano.

Kilauea Facts

Map of outline of Kilauea Volcano
Map of the Island of Hawaii
Location19.425 N 155.292
Elev. Above Sea Level1,277 m
4,190 ft
Area1,430 km2
552 mi2
(13.7% of Hawaii)
Volume25,000-35,000 km3
6,000-8,500 mi3
         Real picture of Kilauea


Kilauea and Mona Loa some volcanoes that make Hawaii the special place it is!


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    Indeed, in Hawaii I've checked out some of the biggest famous volcanoes in the world! I've visited Hawaii at 2008 with my wife and really enjoyed watching deadliest hot spots of Hawaii. Kilauea is truly amazed us. Thanks.
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